Why take Tests?

Why do we take tests? I used to ask my Mom that over and over, she always gave me the same answer… “Go outside and play, but be back before the street lights come on!” Like you could know just before the street lights would come on it was like “Russian Roulette,” the last few minutes to stay outside and keep playing or get in trouble because the street lights came on… Enough with my A.D.D. down to the reason for this post.

Why take Tests? We all have taken tests probably thousands over the years but the main reason why we take tests is so we see how well we know the information, or how we have grasped and committed the information and knowledge to memory. I my side it has a lot to do with “if I need it,” on whether I commit it to memory. Like what number my favorite TV channel is on the cable guild with 900 channels, somehow I can remember that, but can’t tell you, my sisters, phone number and she is my favorite.

Have you tested your digital footprint? What is a digital footprint, you may ask? It is how the internet sees you, your business, and what you do. You would be surprised how many very big and digital savoy companies do not have their digital footprint in order. And then, on the other hand, other companies like our client’s got there Sh$*t together.

Here are some important points, and I mean they are even more important today than ever. Want Google voice or Siri to find you? Better have your stuff in order or those A.I’s will never find you, and how do they find you?

Here are some points:

Name – Address – Phone Number

  • You would be surprised how many companies have all different data all over the web directories. If you don’t tell them they will just look for it and if it’s wrong or old they don’t care they will post it anyways.
    • We can fix this, and a strategy to use it to your advantage.

Testing your website for user-friendly, speed, issues and of course Google Friendly

  • Is your site easy to navigate? If you did like most every established business back in 2005-2015 you came to the conclusion that you HAD to have a website, YES that is true. But like all things if your business like your website was built in 2005-2015 and never opened the doors or vacuumed, told anyone your address or cleaned the glass it would be pretty bad right now agreed? The same goes for your website. The web has changed, user interaction has changed, your website HAS TO CHANGE!
    • We can fix this, and we can make that lazy web-employee pull its weight and start working to earn its money.

Free Tools, but we know how to use them:

Speed Test: https://tools.pingdom.com/

Website Grader: https://website.grader.com/

Mobile Friendly Test Search Google: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

Developers Test: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Off Page Test, Spyfu “don’t let the name scare you, they are legit”: https://www.spyfu.com/

Name Address & Phone Number (NAP): www.yext.com