What the post-hysteria will or can look like for business

Update what I have been telling people/our clients now for a few weeks. “I know it’s tough,” try everything you can to make sure your client/customers can reach you. Be available at all times; you may have the time. Be there for your team, try and know everyone is dealing with this differently. So with that said, I am one of those “this is a huge wag-the-dog” and the best I have ever seen. It’s crazy or even worse than “weapons of mass destruction.” So how do you make the most of it? Accept and move on, or go after what new may come for you and your business…

Let’s get this boat fishing again!

Since it’s been a while since we went out fishing, let’s make sure the boat starts. OK the engines run, now we need to make sure all those little details we put off are at least back on the list. Let’s go over the list again, what may have not been important before now is pretty dam important. Let’s review:


In the fishing/boating world let’s say you think you needed to replace your bilge pumps, now they work but it’s been awhile since you have replaced them. Now is a good idea to replace them with new more effect ones.

Translated in the Marketing world, how you communicate with your customer and potential customers. You need to have a handle on your current customer database, if you don’t now is the time to invest in one, we have a great contact management system along with many other tools all designed to close more business.

Google My Business– I saw a pizza joint updating there one location Google pin literally telling people we will be open for these few hours, and responding to requests in minutes. And on the other hand, I went to go and get some shoes, sorry Olukai flip-flops from a national chain, I checked on Google, got in my car and drove 12 miles to find out they are closed. I am not sure about you, but wouldn’t you think shoes are essential in today’s world? Maybe not the super comfortable Olukai’s, but some people have to have standards in what shoes are.

Update your Google My Business!

Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all have seen unprecedented traffic increases because everyone is spending more time on those channels. Make sure they are all updated. We were working with a client today and needed to update some content that Facebook was pulling from their website, and we fixed it in minutes, and on to the next battle/project.

I feel there will be an overuse of these channels, and people will be striving for real-world experiences that social media and social distancing cannot achieve. So before you dump all your media money into these social channels, remember people can only laugh as so many cat memes, and The President’s “Tweets.”

Email Marketing- If you are not using email marketing shame on you, now is the time to start, if you have customers that have already given you money for what you do why would you not think they would like to hear from you from time to time, and give you money again? They are your customers; all the heavy lifting is done; they already said, “OK, that’s fair,” to whatever it is that they paid you money for.

Email Marketing to your customer base is like mining for GOLD, where the GOLD is. This needs 100% of your energy going forward, and a lifetime to master. We have the most powerful email marketing system I have ever seen; you should give it a test ride.

Sales Dailer or Phone calls- It still works! If you have not done it yet, you should have called all of your customers; I told this to a client with 200 customers and one that has over 169,000. It’s the same principle. Plus, it adds a touch-point for you and them to re-assure why they are your customers in the first place. I am sure your competition would love a shot at the people that already said: “OK, that seems fair and gave you money!”

Make 5-20 calls a day that can work out to 5,200 calls a year per person.

Back in the boating world, bait, should I get the old dead bait from the freezer for my first trip in a while or should I invest the time in “live or fresh bait?”

LIVE BAIT! For sure is always better than the same old offers or specials. If you want to get the big fish or lots of fish you need the good bait.

20% off all orders for the rest of the year!
Buy now and pay when you can.
Buy one get your next one FREE!
Crazy right? If you don’t make big moves someone else will and when the dust settles there will always be a winner in this battle. How much are you willing to risk to WIN?

As you can see I really want to be fishing not sitting in front my my computer trying to make sense using fishing terms for business, but it is true. If you think about it the goal is the same, have fun and feed our families.

Update again- The markets are opening up in some areas slowly and other… “well, the Pub has been open for weeks, got to love the Irish.” How you take advantage of the opening markets can have significant impacts on how customers perceive you. The last story, I promise… About ten years ago in our town, we were hit head-on by two significant hurricanes in less than ten days. It was miserable, power out, water everywhere, living off generators. I mean, it was terrible. BUT, there was one gas station not far from my house, and I never really went there too many other options to choose. But during the hurricane and in the following days and weeks, this place stayed open through it all. It was the only one with a generator to keep the lights on and the gas flowing. Just recently, I was back in the old neighborhood and did not need gas, but I saw that gas station, pulled in topped off my tank, grabbed ice-cold water (that costs me more than jet fuel), and I was on my way. They planned, at the time, they went above and beyond the simple service like selling fuel. Now their planning has paid off, they own me for life, a Wawa opened across the street, and it did not seem to matter to me or anyone else. There were just as many customers at my station as the Wawa. As long as I am in that area, I always try and make a stop, my way of showing my appreciation for their planning.

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