Stand out

Sometimes it’s harder than it seems… Standing out I mean. Is it important to stand out?

How do you stand out? All good questions. I heard this story years ago from a great radio guy Tony Bonvini about “pizza joints.” So the story goes like this, In New York where the best pizza on the planet is made, a famous pizza place has a sign on it saying “Best Pizza in the USA.”

Geo-Pizza, the best on the block

IAGM Geo-Pizza, be the best on the block.

The place is busy, people want to have the best pizza in the USA for sure. But on the same block another pizza joint, almost the next store and this one has a sign that says “Best Pizza in New York.” Now there is quite a bit more business at this place. You’re in New York you want the best pizza, from the best place to eat pizza, would only make sense they are better right? But then on the same block, there is a line around the corner and a few police officers directing traffic, what’s this pizza places message? “Best Pizza on the Block.”

So standing out is important and standing out where it is needed is even more important on your business plan, do you want to be the “Best in the USA,” or just the “Best on the Block?” Whatever it may be a good advertising strategy comes into to play and more important is having the product and service to back it up.

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