Is Number one really that important?

We have a great client in a very competitive marketplace that uses our SEO to the fullest as one of the main tools in driving more and long-term traffic to there website. Here is a brief outline of their success and what it has done for there company.

Client: Source One Solutions (SOS)
Years in business: 20
Years with IAGM: 3
Industry: Office Equipment and Technology
Location: South Florida East Coast
Target: To expand their current customer base within a serviceable area that will fit inside their current business plan, and map out the steps for expansion down the line as the business increases.

We started with a specific area at first, zoning down to the zip code and addresses of current customers, knowing that if these customers love SOS, then we can find more “like” potential customers in the same or close to areas. Then we jumped on there website and supercharged it with all the essential elements that SEO needs these days with on-page edits and updated.
We then worked on “keyword” strains that would primarily work there way out from the central location and focusing on key target areas. With this approach, we found that we could go after the main “keywords” more effectively.
SEO is an on-going tactical process; you may have heard me say “SEO, is just a lot of labor and hard work,” well it is. However, the results can last a long time and put your business in place it needs to be today in Google on page one and top three.


  • Currently, our client now ranks Page 1, Number 1 in 62 “keywords” all industry related and Geo-sensitive.
  • We are currently tracking another 5 in the top three positions on Google
  • Working on well over 75 additional “keyword” terms.
  • Total impressions year to date are way up
  • Total clicks year to date way up
  • Map views up 124%
  • Search views up 17%
  • Bounce rate 25% 65% below the average

As with all media and marketing results vary on many variables, but we know this, with our SEO working for your business we can move you up, and in the places you need to be.

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