How is your Brand?

I was at an event the other day and connecting with people and just having a great time combining work and social, plus got to bring out my wife, always helps sometimes I can be a bit much people tell me all the time. Passion it’s all about passion.

So at this event met a lot of people and was sitting down at a table and the person next to me said: “what do you do?” I replied, “I do what you do, then to myself -thanks Tony Bonvini, another story.” What do you do, she said I provided the tents and tables and chairs that we are sitting on. I said, “well they are nice, but I already deal with the best people in town for these services.” I then went into my 10-minute presentation on tents and event marketing and how important it is to have a great vendor to work with. She then said, “what’s the name of this great tent guy?” I said Grimes Tents and Events. She smiled and leaned back, and I saw on her shirt the company brand that said “Grimes Tents and Events.” I said so you are with Grimes Tents and Events?” She said yes my husband is Marc Grimes, I then said no-$#it, well you guys are great.

I have not had the use for tents in a while, but I have for over 15 years planned and executed many events, and Grimes goes out of their way to make sure my events go off perfect, by the way, I found out the hard way when you want to save a client some money and we always look to do so, cutting the quality of tents and tables is not the place.

I saw Marc later at the event, and he tells me, thank you, you blew my wife away how you talk about our company.

I said, “it’s all true.”

So what are people saying about your company, your brand? At IAGM we receive lots of great referrals, and we always do the best job we can, but you can’t pick them, we always look for companies and brands that fit our skills. Like your great customers, you still want to find more of them. But I know I need to do more when it comes to doing what we do here, you never know how people talk about you or us. We strive that they talk about us the way we talk about the people we work with, with admiration almost like we are ambassadors for them.

That will come soon, “building ambassadors for your brand, not just likes, or clicks,” but true ambassadors.

Thanks for your time.


Founder IAGM